Alex Haines


A local singer from Central Pennsylvania, Alex Haines is a prolific singer/guitarist that has been actively performing in various live music establishments in the last six years, regularly performing cover songs by Bruce Springsteen, Chris Stapleton, and John Melloncamp in his sets.

Alex Haines had his first taste of performing the young age of 5, when he performed in his first talent show. From there, he would continue to hone his craft all the way up to high school, where he would learn how to play guitar in his senior year. By the time he entered college, he began playing professionally.

Originally starting out as a street performer, he would eventually graduate to local bars and restaurants. Soon enough, he would begin to develop a following as he moved up into banquet halls and concert buildings, where he continues to perform to this day.

Most recently, he has taken up songwriting, and is actively working to release a series of singles of original material throughout the year. He is also actively seeking out new places to perform his music, and will soon be expanding into performing arts centers from all around the country.